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Sam’s sad post bike rally day saved by Bixi!

So the bike rally is over and all we’re left with is a giant pile of dirty laundry… so much laundry.

We’re still waking at 6 am hungry but there’s no breakfast waiting for us.

Also, our bikes are on trucks heading home to Toronto.

Yes, we have lots of wonderful memories. See here’s me bike dancing waiting for the final stretch into Montreal.

Sam bike dancing

But the day after the rally isn’t easy. But it’s especially not easy if like me you can’t walk very far at all. Yes, I can ride my bike from Toronto to Montreal but my knee is in such tough shape that I struggle to walk.

I had a miserable walk to breakfast with Sarah when Sarah spotted the Bixi bike stand. Yes, our bikes might be on trucks but we could still ride!

Breakfast was delicious and after we biked over to Bota Bota, the spa on a boat and soaked in tubs of various temperatures.

I love riding the Bixis. Mina is the Bixi Queen of Montreal but I feel like honorary visiting royalty. No helmet, regular clothes, no clip in shoes, a bike that weighs at least twice as much as my road bike, and it’s a totally different cycling experience than the rally. Not zoom, zoom more cruise, cruise.

They’re fun. But for me they’re also very much necessary. Another reminder that safe cycling is a disability rights issue. I really struggle with walking any distance these days but I love cruising around the city on the Bixis.