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Bike Rally Day 1: Toronto to Port Hope, #f4lbr2022

Here’s our day 1 route, Toronto to Port Hope. As you likely know or might reasonably expect, getting out of Toronto is a chore. It seems to take forever.

But after the lunch stop in Oshawa (ish) it’s a very lovely ride. We keep saying that we could do that chunk by taking the GO Train to Oshawa and bypassing the city bits.

Now for the actual bike rally, I like the crowds at the big departure. I like the spirit and the cheering. We joke sometimes about going for the send off ceremony before sneaking off to the GO train.

Today was no different. It was a long hot slog getting out of the city with so many traffic lights and lots and lots of unclipping.

What I like? All of the music and cheering and the chatter.

What I don’t like? City drivers and traffic lights.

Upside of today’s ride, we were all so happy to be together again. There was a lot of grinning and hugging. The volunteers were lovely and helpful as always.

Downside, wow the heat. It was probably the hottest and most humid bike ride I’ve ever done.

We worked hard at hydrating though. Also, stretching. No cramps or barfing today!

We’re staying the night at Haskills’ Farm. Here’s what it looks like.

Wish us luck tomorrow when the weather turns. From heat and humidity to thunder and rain. After that though it’s perfect cycling weather. Sun and highs in the mid twenties. And overnight lows in the low teens.

Tomorrow we ride to from Port Hope to Adolphustown.

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