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Sam is Checking in for June 2022

It’s July.

The biggest and best highlight of June is all the bike riding! So much riding! I soothed my bike rally jitters with lots of weekend riding, including an official training out to Musselman Lake and back. I’ve been riding mostly with bike rally teammates Sarah and David but also with Jeff when he’s in town.

We’ve also done some in person riding with our virtual cycling friends.

Last weekend a group of women from Zwift’s ZSUN team got together in the real world–more specifically in Burlington, Ontario– for a meet up and social ride along the lake front trail. Even though I ride with TFC I came along and crashed the party. Everyone was very nice.

All in all we had a lovely 40 km out and back, with dougnuts and iced tea after. Yum! Also, the rain held off.

I also reached the 222 mark in the 222 workouts in 2022 group. Wild to make the goal halfway through the year but I suspect things will slow down a bit after the bike rally.

The workout that did it was our Canada Day Bike Ride from Niagara on the Lake to Niagara Falls.

Canada Day Bike Ride
Riding on Canada Day–Niagara on the Lake to Niagara Falls

So far this year I’ve ridden 2787.9 kms. I’m ahead on my riding but behind on my bike rally fundraising. Small amounts help and if you have anything to spare for this very worthwhile cause I’d really appreciate it and so too would the people who are helped by the Toronto PWA.

The money raised goes to help people living with HIV/AIDS. People who need food, wellness care, peer support or just to be in a place that is welcoming and safe for them.

Donate here.

But don’t talk to me about writing. I’m very far behind.

Other good things in June?

We’re sailing again. Yay! Tuesday evening Snipe racing is back on the schedule.

My mother who lives with us got a new puppy. Blog readers, meet Chase!

I’m also getting new glasses, seems my reading vision has gotten worse during the pandemic.

I chose the clear frames.

Other good things? (I like June. Can you tell?)

University convocation was lovely. So good to be back in person again. I also love that we did make up ceremonies for those students who graduated during 2020 and 2021. My knees hurt from so much walking and standing that week but also my face hurt from smiling.

And then there’s Pride which wrapped up June for me with such warm feelings seeing so many friends again. The big parade was just too many people for me but truth be told it was likely too many people before the pandemic. What was best were the pride adjacent events, friends’ backyard BBQ s and dinner on patios three or four blocks away from the main event.

Pride and non binary shortbread. Thanks Alice.

Wish me luck as I continue to train for the bike rally. And try to get some writing done, and get a reasonable amount of sleep. Will blog about the struggle later. Short version: Life is short. There’s so much fun stuff to do. Sleep is boring and so even though it’s my superpower again (phew, that’s back) now that the world has come alive again, it’s the last thing I want to do.