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Sam is checking in for May 2022, a week late but that’s the kind of May it’s been

May was a super busy month. Kind of a blur. But a good blur, if you know what I mean. Lots of good stuff going on. We’re back out in the world more with friends–concerts (with masks) and dinners with friends (mostly on patios)–and work just hasn’t slowed down, not even a bit.

Add to that, Sarah and I are also training for the Friends for Life Bike Rally in August. We’re trying to ride more during the week and also get long rides in on the weekend.

I’m struggling a bit with fundraising so if you have money to throw my way, all amounts help and it’s for a great cause, please click here and support my ride.

A few things stood out for me this month.

First, Sarah and I survived a terrifying thunderstorm on our bikes and that’s had me even more worried about the changing climate and its effects on our world. I blogged about it here. Thunder and lightening is the one condition this all weather, all conditions cyclist is frightened by. See here.

Second, I’m biking to work consistently now and since my regular commute is too short–just a few kilometres–I’m taking the long way.

Here’s me on the bridge I use to get to work.

Thanks Michel!

Here’s my “long” route to work.

Strava ride report

Third, as you can see there’s also not much Zwifting happening. We don’t have central air at home and it’s hard to ride hard indoors in the heat. I miss my Zwift teamates though.

Zwift weekly distance goal 150 km, 0 km ridden

Fourth, Sarah and I also did a fun ride in Prince Edward County this month. Pavement with the gravel bikes wasn’t the speediest ride but next year we hope to come back and do the 100 with road bikes.

Fifth, I’m back at the gym on campus, personal training with Meg, the world’s best personal trainer who has found leg strengthening exercises that don’t hurt, and might even help, my knees. Yay.

Sixth, I’m noticing how little movement I get on days when all my meetings are on Zoom or Teams. Check this out, a day with only two move minutes. When friends ask why I work out so much that right there is why.

Also, without it I can be in a pretty horrible mood.

My workday!

Other metrics I care about? I’ve ridden about 2200 km so far this year and I’ve worked out 200 times. I’ve read ten books and practised my Spanish 21 days in a row.

Spanish because Sarah and I are riding bikes in Cuba next January with these guys.

I read this piece in the New Yorker about the role anticipation plays in happiness and so your likely to hear lots from me about our upcoming Cuba bike trip. I’m thinking about which bike to take with me and I’m considering either a new gravel bike or at least road bike that can take wide tires.

I’m assuming my knee surgery won’t have happened by then. But you never know. If they call me I’ll cancel the trip.

3 thoughts on “Sam is checking in for May 2022, a week late but that’s the kind of May it’s been

  1. The Cuba trip looks so great! I hope it happens (although the knee surgery would also be a good thing to have done). I hope everyone reading this donates to the Friends for Life Bike Rally. I just did, and it felt good!

  2. I like that commute! The route through the arboretum and along the river looks much more fun than the direct route. ¡Que tenga un buen viaje a Cuba!

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