Swim buoys: good for safety and fun

Hi readers– this weekend I was reminded that there’s actually such a thing as warm/hot weather. Temps in Boston reached a record high of 86F/30C. Today will be warm as well.

I didn’t take take refuge from the heat in the water yesterday, but it reminded me that outdoor swimming season is upon us. I really enjoyed going to Walden Pond with my new swim buoy. It’s required there now, and honestly is a great idea for open-water swimmers in fresh and salt water.

Check out my post from last summer and see if you want to beat the crowds and get some water safety gear sooner rather than later.


One thought on “Swim buoys: good for safety and fun

  1. I love my swim buoy. I can also add a water bottle so I don’t get dehydrated on longer swims. And my phone goes into a waterproof case (that floats) for photos along the way, as well as to track my swim on Strava.

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