Top Ten Posts of March 2022


1. Catherine has style secrets for women over 50.

2. Cate has thoughts about menstruation in her 50s. Her post about it almost always makes the top 10 list. This month it’s the second most read post.

3. Marjorie’s guest post on keeping fit while healing from hysterectomy was our third most read post.

4. Do Venus and Serena Williams compete against the men? Yes they do! says Catherine.

5. Sam wonders why so many of us want to be able to do pull ups.

6. Obese is a bad word, writes Catherine, and it’s got to go.

7. 11 years ago Sam started spring riding and it didn’t go as planned

8. Christine is not a fan of crushing her workouts.

9. Things thin people might not think about, by Sam

10. Diane writes about Lia Thomas and trans athletes