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Sam is checking in for March 2022: Butterflies, bike rides, travel, oh my!

February flew by. March too.

Blue bird

March is often thought to be the worst month of the academic year. A former dean once said to me, Nothing good happens in March. And I think she’s pretty much right. It’s a tough slog through until early April, the end of the university teaching term here in Canada.

March is also often the month of Fool’s Spring.

For me, some good things did happen in March. I started riding outside again. Yay!

Sam in pink riding her pink Brompton.

We celebrated my middle child’s birthday at the Butterfly Conservatory. He argued against the traditional family dinner plus cake in favour of a planned activity. Why do kids and not adults get to do things for their birthday? He’s right. We had a terrific time.

Butterfly conservatory

My knees hurt but they’re doing okay. I am walking a lot though still struggling quite a bit with night pain and disrupted sleep. Thankfully, there’s always Wordle.

I’ve also (gasp) been trying something new. Inspired by Catherine’s ringing endorsement of the 10 percent happier app, I’ve been giving meditation a go. Meditation has traditionally been a thing here around the blog. See Tracy, and Catherine, and Mina and probably everybody else except me!

What prompted me? Well, I’ve been taking a yin yoga class at noon hour on Friday and really liking the guided meditation parts of it. I’ve been going the introductory meditation program on the 10 percent happier app and so far, I’m doing ok.

What else is special about March?

Well at the very end of the month we finally got to get in the car and drive south with bikes to meet Jeff on the boat. Sarah and I set out this morning to drive 11.5 hours to Alton, Illinois for a week of biking and boating. I had to work to remind myself of the differences between riding in Zwift and IRL.

View from the passenger seat

Indoors, in the world of Zwift, I completed the Tour of Watopia.

And I’m also trying out some new mobility routines. Confession: I’m inspired by my weight lifting son who is now officially more flexible than me. I was okay when he could lift a lot more and run and bike faster, but this is new and I’m keen to keep up.

I downloaded the GOWOD app, did their mobiliity assessment and tried out a customized routine. I like the routine but I need more commentary, even a countdown would be good. Long silent stretches aren’t my thing.

Then I also tried this routine which I really liked but I like video and voice to walk-talk me through things.

So finally I cancelled my 7 day free trial of GOWOD and moved onto to Dynamic Cyclist‘s mobility training 7 day free trial. Will report back!

Checking in with some monthly numbers:

Total km ridden in March: 475 km, making for 1392 km so far this year. Right on track for 5500 km.

Total activities: 42 making for 117 so far this year, my goal is 220 workouts in 2022 and looks like I’ll shoot past that goal easily.

Total books this month 0! But I’ve got lots on the go. Wish me luck making my goal of 25 books this year. Six read so far.

What am I looking forward to fitness wise in April? OUTDOOR RIDING. Including training for the Friends for Life Bike Rally. You can sponsor me here. Please!

Sam’s Bike Rally Page

3 thoughts on “Sam is checking in for March 2022: Butterflies, bike rides, travel, oh my!

  1. I will (unsurprisingly) be super curious to see how your foray into meditation goes! And happy biking and boating!

    1. My goal is pretty practical, another coping tool in my coping with pain toolbox.

      1. Also, I think, generally getting less caught up in all the horrible things going on in the world, being less anxious and more able to engage and act. Here’s hoping it helps.

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