Happy Tutu Day!

It is Tuesday, 22/02/2022, so break out your tutus for whatever sport you love.

These fun-loving swimmers are the Lost Otters, a diverse group of mutually-supportive friends in the seaside town of Torquay, in Devon, England. Their motto is “We came, we swam, we ate cake”, a motto shared by many open water lovers.

They swim every day, year-round. A small group goes early in the morning due to work, and a larger one later, but they all get together on Sundays.

Seven women in ballet poses with colourful swim floats at their feet and the ocean behind them. They are wearing a variety of bathing suits and five also have tutus. Photo by Steve Coombes, used with permission.

Whatever sport you love, make today a tutu day. You don’t need an actual tutu, just the spirit of fun as you enjoy your strength (and sweat, or the wind, or friendship, or whatever gives you joy as you move your body) today.

In fact, make every day a tutu day! We won’t have another one with this many 2s for 180 years, and that will be on a Monday.

Diane Harper lives and swims in Ottawa.