Are you an afternoon napper?

Are you a nap or no nap person? Cheddar is clearly in favour of naps.  I almost never nap when I work in my office. I often nap when I'm #WorkingFromHome. Ditto weekends. How about you?

3 thoughts on “Are you an afternoon napper?

  1. On weekends and very rarely weekdays (usually if I’m feeling under the weather). Naps are delicious!!

  2. I’m team “no nap”. It takes me too long to fall asleep and then when I do I don’t fully wake up for the rest of the day and shuffle around ineffectually and inefficiently. That was why I hated the “sleep when the baby sleeps” advice I was given so many times when tiny human was born. It just doesn’t work for me. Sometimes I do envy people who are good at napping though! It’s a great skill to have.

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