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Making Space: Day 2

Another day, another opportunity to make a little space for yourself in your schedule (and in your head.)

If you didn’t get a chance to try yesterday’s videos, it doesn’t matter a bit. Try a few minutes of the ones from today, or do a little movement on your own.

Just be kind to yourself about it, no matter what!

Here’s your gold star for your self-kindness efforts: ⭐️

I recently found this fun Nia energizer video and I just love it. There are only three people in the class and they are clearly having a great time so I had extra fun with the movement.

A Nia dance video from Bethama 37 showing three people dancing in a large room with a mirror at the front.

If meditation is more your style today, here’s one to try. Bonus: the video shows sheep grazing in a field!

A meditation video from the Calm YouTube channel that was apparently originally produced to be played during Uber rides. The image shows long haired sheep in a green hilly field.