Sam is Checking In for October 2021: Hello Fall My Old Friend!

October was a month. A very long action packed month. Work was very busy, starting at 8 am most days, running into evenings, and often spilling over into the weekend.

It’s sort of odd because in the Before Times October was also usually a busy conference travel month and there’s none of that these days. Instead it was all academic administration all the time. So many virtual meetings!

Luckily, it was also an action packed fitness-y month. Sometimes busy work months feel worse because they eat into my workout time and then I’m both overworked and extra frazzled. This month was busy with work and fitness-y things, and I even mostly got enough sleep. What suffered? My house. But that’s okay. I can clean and organize things once it’s dark all of the time.

I won’t bore you with work details–that belongs on my other blog–but I will list some of my fitness accomplishments, big and small.

I finished Zwift Academy and blogged about it here. Yay!

I also went back to the gym. It’s nice to be in a group fitness class again. Go me!

Along with my Fit is a Feminist Issue teammates, I took part in the very Canadian Participaction challenge. Go Team!

Ellen, Sarah and I rode in the Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation’s Fall Colours Ride. Yay us!

Photos from the Fall Colours ride

And if that weren’t all enough, my mother went away. How does that impact my fitness, you ask?

Well, she left us her dog Charlie. Often my mother walks Cheddar at least once during the day but for 10 days in October we had double dog duty. And Charlie, unlike Cheddar, likes three walks a day. There was a lot of dog walking this month. Go Charlie and Cheddar!

In October, we also had Jeff visiting while he’s waiting for repairs on his boat. Nicely timed visit home for Thanksgiving and his birthday. Go Jeff!

Stay tuned for more bikes and boats in the future!