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Riding in the Fall Colours with GCAT

Top: Selfie of Sarah, Sam and Ellen. Bottom left: Sam selfie in her TFC jersey. Bottom right: GCAT sticker “I like to BIKE.”

This weekend was a mix of virtual and real world riding. On Sunday I finished Zwift Academy 2021 and on Saturday we were out and about on our bikes in real world, looking at the beautiful bright fall leaves.

You read about the fall colours ride here: “The event was put on by the Guelph Coalition for Active Transport (GCAT) for riders to enjoy the autumn scenery and help raise awareness about the environmental impacts of choosing cycling as a primary mode of transportation. ‘The purpose is to see the fall colours. It’s also to make people aware of active transportation as a means of getting around town,” Mike Darmon, president of GCAT told CTV.”

As usual with community cycling events there were all ages, abilities, and kinds of bikes. I loved seeing the kids and their smiling faces.

The ride was fun with lots of stops and starts along the way. We even got a free lesson from a University of Guelph professor on why leaves change colours in the fall.

I rode with Sarah and our friend Ellen. We were all glad I think that we didn’t bring our skinny tired road bikes. Some of the trails were a bit muddy. The weather was brisk but no rain and we even had a bit of sun for some of the ride.

Thanks for organizing GCAT! Next time maybe we’ll even have to stop for a drink after.