What’s in a workout? Just about anything

What counts as a workout is a topic of never-ending interest to me. Partly, I think it’s because it’s a constantly moving target for everyone. This year, I’ve been including daily meditation in my workout log for the 221 workouts in 2021 FB group. I’ve also stipulated that any cycling counts on its own, as well as any swimming. Other things, like yoga, walking, stretching, strength work (which I’ve done maybe 7 times this year–oops!) get bundled together for the day.

But more interesting to me is WHAT people are doing this year, as opposed to last year, as opposed to 5 years ago, etc. Age, injury, and changes in life circumstances can necessitate changes in the ways we move, when, how often, and for how long. For me, my workouts these days are shorter in duration, effort, and mileage. Kayaking has receded (for the time being). But, swimming’s now on the menu this year, which I’m loving.

I see the same playing out in the social media posts of friends and acquaintances. Home gyms have had their moment in the sun, along with backyard yoga and dance parties, and of course dog walking. Lots and lots of dog walking…

Now, in October 2021, some people are moving back to the gym (Sam posted about it recently), yoga studios, and climbing gyms. For me, I’m not quite ready for that. However, I am scouting around for a saltwater indoor pool in my area for winter swimming.

As of October 19, I’m at 178 of 221 workouts this year. I’m confident I can make 221 well before December 31. In previous years I’ve squeaked in just under the wire, which is fine: I’m pretty much a just-in-time delivery gal. I’ll be looking to see how this year goes. It feels different in a lot of ways (duh). At any rate, I’m kind of curious to see how I work out the rest of my workout year.

What about you, dear readers? How’s your 2021 workout year working out? I’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, here’s my post from 2019 (five million years ago). Enjoy reading some history…


This year I signed up for the Facebook group 218 Workouts in 2018.  Samantha, Cate, and some of their friends are members, and I decided to join in. The premise is simple: you list workouts you do, numbering them, and post them to the group page. Sometimes people add pictures (which I really like), and one person offers fun commentary on her workouts that I enjoy. Here’s one of her latest:

12 km bike 2km treadmill and 7000+ steps all over downtown chasing down fuses to fix the oven cause it’s fall, and all the things can be roasted, don’t cha know!

Yes, I do know.  Hope you find those fuses and get roasting soon!

I’m currently at 171 of 218 workouts for the year. Making the goal will require focus and commitment, but it’s doable.

You may be wondering:  are there any guidelines for what counts as a workout…

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