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Happy Bi/M-Spec Visibility Day!

Bipride coloured heart, September 23

Happy Bi/M-Spec Pride From the bloggers at Fit is a Feminist Issue. I don’t exactly how many other of the FIFI bloggers fall into these categories besides me, but let me say it’s a good chunk of us.

Why is this relevant to a fitness blog? Well, we’ve written a fair bit about the need for inclusive fitness spaces. So there’s that. But it’s also the case that invisibility broadly has health costs. While there’s been considerable work on health care for gay and lesbian people, bisexual health issues have been largely ignored. And this is particularly true for bisexual women.

I know some readers will ask why not just “bisexual visibility”? What’s this “M-Spec” add-on all about anyway?

What’s M-spec? See here for some definitions.

“A short term for the “multisexual spectrum” aka the spectrum of people who’re attracted to multiple genders. It’s an umbrella term that can include bisexual people, pansexual people, omnisexual people, etc. or even people who don’t use a label at all. It simply means someone who can experience attraction to multiple genders, even if they’re attracted to one particular gender more than any other (for instance, liking only girls most of the time but having the occasional crush on a nonbinary person). It also fits for people who experience split attraction such as a bisexual homoromantic person. Similar to aspec but for multisexuality. It’s primarily an umbrella term.”

It’s time to broaden the tent.

Thanks Alice for this one

I told you, September 23, the bisexuals all uncloak