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Changing seasons, changing clothes

It’s the time of year when the weather can’t decide what to do with itself. The headlines aren’t even consistent. There’s Warmer than normal fall and Unusually warm autumn that will feel more like summer, followed by Ontario to be got by earlier and more brutal winner. Whatever.

And then there’s this week’s forecast.

It’s the season when I’m thankful for the very expensive but very effective raincoat I bought in Dunedin, New Zealand when I was there on sabbatical 9 years ago.

And there’s the variation within a single day. I’m leaving my house on my bike (sometimes in the dark) at 5 or 6 degrees but by midday it’s 25, with the humidity feels like 30 degrees. This means I’m accumulating jackets and hoodies at the office.

We’re not quite at the ‘four seasons in a week’ stage but we’re close.

4 Seasons in Canada - Meanwhile in Canada... I love experiencing all four seasons in one week!
Meanwhile in Canada, I love experiencing all four seasons in one week.

I am about to put away my summer dresses and shorts, and do the great seasonal clothes swap over. That’s happening later each year it seems.

But right now we’re about to sneak in one last canoe camping trip. Wish us luck and let’s hope it doesn’t snow!