On inspiring, mentoring and being role models for the next generation of women athletes

For today’s post, we turn back to Tracy’s 2019 post on how women athletes are role models for the next generations of Olympians, professionals, and active women, enjoying life through physical activity.

Who were your sports or activity role models growing up? Chris Evert was one of mine in tennis (she was called Chrissie then). I was a kid just starting to play, and I was fascinated by her two-handed backhand (very unusual in those days) and her intensity on the court.

Enjoy your reading, and I hope you take a moment to think about and appreciate yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s women athlete role models.



I’m sure lots of people have read the story by now of Coco Gauff, the 15 year old who beat Venus Williams in round one of Wimbledon this week. It’s always exciting to see young athletes step into elite levels of competition and succeed. But there was something all the more poignant about this story because apparently, as they approached the umpire to shake hands, Venus did the good sport thing and congratulated Coco. Coco in turn, thanked. Venus, saying “I wouldn’t be here without you.”

I missed the match and I didn’t hear either of them interviewed, but this tweet just warmed my heart. Here is a young athlete who has just won against the very woman who inspired her.

It got me thinking back the Nike soccer video about dreams from a few weeks ago. It had a similar vibe, of the awareness of generations of athletes…

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