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The unexpected advantages of growing up chubby (#reblog, #tbt)

After yesterday’s post about why focusing on ‘results’ and looking fit isn’t the best motivation for working out, Nicole and I got chatting about why this hits some people harder than others. I shared this older post about the advantages of never really being inside the beauty ideal. Here it is as our Throwback Thursday post….

“I have a fairly robust self image despite being significantly overweight. How did I come by this? It’s puzzled me a bit so I thought I’d share some of my thoughts.

It’s not that I think my body is perfect, far from it. I see the flaws: footballer knees, a soft lower belly from pregnancy, wide calves, short legs/long torso… What I mean is that when I look in the mirror, I usually smile. I see my stretch marks even (hard to be pregnant three times without getting some) with affection.

I used to think that body acceptance would be easier if you were closer to society’s ideals for women. Now I see that isn’t so. Doing the Lean Eating program I got to know some very small women with some serious body image issues. I found some of the self-loathing pretty difficult to be around and in the end I chose a smaller subset of that community as allies and friends….”

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One thought on “The unexpected advantages of growing up chubby (#reblog, #tbt)

  1. I love this! I think about this often as someone with a chronic disease that impacts my joints. All the memes about folks in their 30s realizing that a bad pillow can ruin your week – I’ve known that since I was a preteen! I think this makes the non-aesthetic impacts of aging more tolerable for me than many others.
    Combine that with also never having been in the beauty ideal…aging can’t get me down!

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