Hello foam roller, my old friend

I saw my massage therapist the other day. I have tightest glutes she’s ever seen and she didn’t mean it in a good way. My Physio isn’t impressed with my back muscles either. Steady work since the new year is grand but it’s been wreaking havoc on my body.

You may have heard the phrase “motion is lotion,” but I’ve now been told “lengthen, then strengthen.”

I have a menu of stretches each targeting a particular muscle group. They aren’t especially arduous but they take effort. This week we’ve re introduced the foam roller. Holy heck — it does a number on the IT band and the quads.

Image shows a orange cat stretching. It doesn’t need a foam roller but I sure do. Photo by Timo Volz on Unsplash

I’ve been ultra focused on increasing my bone strength, and with the pandemic, I pretty much dropped my nascent yin yoga practice. Add in a sedentary job, and my muscles have become inelastic and resistant.

Although the foam roller will never be my BFF, I can’t deny I feel heaps better after. It’s been a good reminder that while strength and endurance have their place, flexibility matters too.

— MarthaFitAt55 lives and works in St. John’s.