Back on our bikes! Six thoughts on spring riding and training (#reblog, #blogluv)

It’s spring! Right now it’s sunny and the temperature is in the teens. Here’s my things to remember about riding outside in the spring. Enjoy!


1. Take it easy. I know, I know. It’s bright and sunny and warm and you’re back on your bike again. Exciting as that is, take it easy. Old school racers all talk about base miles and spending hundreds/thousands of kilometers in the small chain ring. They’re just spinning, getting their fast cadence back, putting in the base training, before the push for speed. No hill training, no sprinting, they just spin.

You might not be a racer but I think there is a lesson here for the beginning cyclist. The first few weeks of spring aren’t the time to worry about how fast you are. Just ride and smile and soak up the sun. Ease into it.

And if anyone comments on your speed, just say “base miles” with a serious look on your face.

See The Case for Base Training.

(And yes, I know there is a debate…

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