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Fitness is freedom (#reblog)

Fitness is freedom.  I wonder how many of us have ever considered this sage bit of philosophizing.  I hadn’t.  As I whizzed down an aisle in our local supermarket a week or so ago, following the COVID arrows in the right direction in order to get to my intended target of the far end of […]

Fitness is freedom

This Saturday it’s our guest post day but we don’t have a guest. Instead we’re reblogging a post from another WordPress blog about the idea of fitness as freedom, especially in your senior years.

Thanks Robby Robins for this way of thinking about fitness. What do you think? Is fitness a kind of freedom for you?

One thought on “Fitness is freedom (#reblog)

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I began getting serious about fitness when I was in my late 40s. Later this year I will turn 70 – while on a mostly solo bike ride across the U.S.A. We just spent a few days (now that we are all vaccinated!!!) with younger cousins who hike every day. We climbed and walked briskly several miles each day – very hilly terrain – and I was left feeling I had missed my exercise. It was fun, but not at all challenging. Had I been able to do this stuff when I was younger, it probably wouldn’t please me quite as much. But now, I can honestly say that I feel better – stronger, less achy – than I did in my mid-thirties. I have yet to reconsider any activity because of age-related physical issues. I know that the active life I lead gets credit for that. And, of course, I now know most of the activity is really fun!


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