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Sam’s Winter Climbing Challenge #Zwift #Tron

The last day of winter is March 19th. What do I want to accomplish before then?

I have a thought. It’s doable and I need a deadline. My Everest challenge on Zwift is 93% complete and at the end I get a fancy new bike, the Tron. I’ve been at it for awhile. In October I posted Sam is not a climber but she’s halfway to Tron.

So here’s the deal. By March 19th, I want to do the rest of my climbing. That’s 3,354 vertical metres. I’m climbing about 400-500 a week but that won’t be enough. Probably I’ll need to do a trip or two up the Alpe du Zwift.

Here are some route options:

Road to Sky — A 12.4 mile (19.9 km) climb with 3,753 ft (1,144 m) of elevation gain. The most direct route to the mountain.

Tour of Fire and Ice — A 15.6 miles (25.1 km) trek with 3,825 ft (1,166 m) of elevation gain. This route combines the Volcano KOM for some extra fun.

Four Horsemen — It doesn’t get more epic than this. A 55.5 mile (89.3 km) ride across all KOM segments in Watopia, with an elevation gain of 6,929 ft (2,112 m). If it’s a giant hill, you’re going to climb it.

Why do I care about getting a Tron? It’s the fastest all round bike in Zwift, good on flats and rolling hills.

What colour will I choose? I think I like the multi-coloured bikes the best. Maybe blue and purple?

Blue and purple Tron

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  1. Best Wishes! One thing I miss about not working out at the Student Rec Center I usually teach at….using the Espresso bikes. It was fun to be the leader on different challenges each week.

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