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Pride riding again! #Zwift

The Pride Rides are back on Zwift and the schedule is here.

I think the Pride rides and the Swarm were the two groups that got me into Zwift group rides, instead of riding solo, last winter. There’s a lot of conversation on Discord and friendly text chat too.

Here’s the event description: “Join us for a fun ride to celebrate diversity and the LGBTQI+ community. All are welcome in our rainbow-colored open ride and conversation! This is a community-led ride in support of the LGBTQI+ Zwift Community, PRiDE OUT, and in celebration of LGBT History Month in the UK. All are welcome no matter where you ride!

The rides are led and swept by our LGBTQI+ Zwift Community members. Ride leads will keep to 1.2-2 w/kg but may have some optional fun activities planned, especially optional sprints are quite the thing in our group. Regrouping after is key to ensure the group remains a lovely big blob. First-time group riders are welcomed, the Sweep will make sure you do not drop behind.

Chats in this group may involve LGBTQI+ topics so come with an open heart and open mind. Unkind or intolerant comments will be reported per Zwift policies.

We welcome you all on Discord during the ride:

The LGBTQI+ Community on Zwift supports @prideoutuk’s #LGBTHistoryRide. Post and tag your Zwift ride pictures to social media with #LGBTHistoryRide to show your support.

Feel free to join us on Facebook in our new community group!”

See you there!

Also, there are unofficial Pride On playlists on Spotify. See here.

We had a few hundred people out this Sunday morning. See you there!