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Blue Monday feels less blue in 2021 somehow

A friend the other day remarked that every day feels like Monday since the pandemic began and while it’s true for me that the workdays all blend together, I’m not sure they all feel like Monday.

Today is supposed to be Blue Monday, whatever that means. It’s a made up thing.

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It’s grey out there and dark and that’s the kind of winter weather I really don’t like. Give me cold and snow and sunshine any day. But I’m not feeling so blue about Blue Monday this year. Partly I suppose it’s the blurring of time thing. Also, frankly, November always feeling worse than January to me.

I’m also feeling just a little bit hopeful. I’m hoping that this is the worst of the pandemic and that by summer we’ll be able to do things outdoors together again. I’m hopeful that sometime in the fall we’ll be vaccinated and back at work and maybe soon after that in concert and theatre venues.

And more immediately, right now, there’s more daylight each day. The sun is returning to some Northern communities for the first time in weeks.

And in just a few days there will be an inauguration of a new presidency in the United States and we all might sleep a bit more soundly at night. We’re not there yet, but close.

I’m starting to feel like we’re on the home stretch–winter wise, politics wise, and pandemic wise.

I like this tweet from Matt Haig:

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