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Go Team, January 10: Remember What You Like About Your Activities

When I’m not exercising, I tend to forget that I actually *like* moving.

When I am not meditating, I forget that I find it helpful.

I find the same thing about almost any activity I enjoy.

When I’m engaged in the activity, I love it, but when I’m not, all I can think about how hard it is.

So, since I want to take good care of myself, I like remind myself about the things I enjoy about the activity I plan to do.

‘It’s hard to get on my mat but I love how I feel when I get into child’s pose.’

‘It would be easier to keep sitting here but if I exercise, I’ll get to do all those kicks.’

‘I don’t know if I will be able to settle into meditation right now but it feels great to breathe so slowly and deliberately.’

You’ll notice that these reminders are about how I will feel DURING not after.

They aren’t long term results, they aren’t about finishing my workouts or meditation, they are about how I will feel while I am actually exercising or meditating.

I wonder if you might find it helpful to consider what you enjoy about your workouts or self-care?

Reminding yourself about the fun parts might be just the motivation you need to get on your mat, on your bike, or onto a meditation cushion.

Here’s your gold star for your efforts today:

A woven gold star rests against a dark green wall.
Another gold star from my house. Yes, the place is full of them. I like a lot of encouragement.

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