Go Team, January 9 : Do What You Can Today

As you figure out how to fit your new habits into your daily life, you are going to run into times where your plans feel impossible.

Perhaps your schedule will get out of whack. Maybe you’ll be sore from your last workout or coming down with a cold. Possibly your friends or family will need you at just the wrong time.

No matter what the reason, there will be times when you just can’t follow your plan.

Be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking that a few glitches mean you should abandon your plans.

Glitches happens to everyone, even people with long established exercise habits.

It’s totally normal and definitely part of the process of adding more fitness to your life.

The trick to working past a glitch is to change your focus.

Instead of worrying about what you *can’t* do at a given point, ask yourself what you CAN do that day. Even if it is just a placeholder activity, it will help you keep the rhythm of exercise in your life.

So, if you can’t go to dance class, can you dance in your kitchen while you cook supper?

If you can’t get to the gym, can you do a few squats and push-ups at home?

If you can’t go swimming, can you do some yoga?

The changes might not be an exact match in intensity or duration but they still help you keep your commitment to yourself.

And keeping that commitment will make all the difference.

Here’s your gold star for today:

A GIF in which a  line drawing of a gold star appears and the words ‘and you get a gold star’ appear beneath.
Go Team! Gold stars for everyone!

3 thoughts on “Go Team, January 9 : Do What You Can Today

  1. Absolutely right! I’m going to remember this. One key to forming new habits is to start small but be consistent. Dancing in the kitchen is 1000 times better than just not going to class. Same with squats… And who knows, you might find yourself doing 100 and you feel so good–good save!

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