Midsummer heat too much? Try cold exercise…

With all the uncertainty that we live with now, one thing is for sure: the seasons change. It is officially fall now. Despite the week of delicious summer-like weather we’re having at the moment, temperatures are and will be falling. That means adjusting to physical activity in colder temperatures.

Riding and walking and running and doing yoga when it’s cooler are possible, and for some people (like me!), even desirable. I sweat a bit less, and also enjoy the coolness amidst all the heat I’m generating internally.

I wrote this post last year, having heard about gyms with cold exercise and even cold yoga classes. This year, we don’t need no gyms for this– DIY cold exercise is free, and available everywhere. We’ll be writing more about this as it happens, and– as always– looking to hear from you about how you’re moving as temperatures fall.