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Fall weather and Sam’s five part fitness plan!


What are your fall fitness plans?

I’ve got a few–five in fact–and the first two are new. I’ve never done them before.

First, fall is time to get the gravel bike out and explore. The lovely folks at Speed River Bicycle, my LBS, shared this list of multi-surface rides with me when I took to Twitter with my autumn cycling plans. Sarah and I have a weekend away planned on the newly finished Guelph to Goderich rail trail.

Second, I’ve signed up for Zwift Academy: “Unlock your untapped power with the program that started it all. World-class coaches bring killer workouts to boost your performance on the bike. New friends bring fun.” That’s October 1-November 25.

Third, my mum, Sarah, and I are going to keep working out outside in the backyard with a personal trainer for as long as weather permits. We’re all cold weather hardy. But rain might put us off. But we have flexible schedules. Let’s see! Maybe I’ll even lure my mum into blogging for us.

Fourth, there’s Yoga With Adriene. She’s a bit of a fitness fixture around here.

And finally, fifth, there’s strength training of various sorts. We’ve got lots of resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, and the trusty TRX. Sometimes I think I need to get organized about it. Other times, I think it’s okay to do random, snack sized fitness-y things when the mood strikes.

What’s your plan for the fall? Anything new?

Photos from Unsplash. This one is a white hand holding up a bright red maple leaf against a dark background.

5 thoughts on “Fall weather and Sam’s five part fitness plan!

  1. Hooray for gravel riding! Such a great way to explore and see some stunning sights.
    This fall/winter I’ve joined a masters swim club. This is my first swim club experience ever. So far, I’m loving it. I was lucky to connect with some amazing swimmers this summer and really got hooked on open water swimming.
    I’m aiming to keep up the open water swimming until early October (I’ll wear a wetsuit – my swim pals are in only their suits!).
    I’ve joined the Workout Today – body weight workouts three times a week plus yoga.
    I look forward to reading about your gravel rides.

    1. I’m always amazed at people outdoor swimming in the cold, even in wet suits. If you ever want to guest blog about it, we’d love to have you!

  2. I am waiting delivery of my TRX straps and only trying to find a sturdy beam to attach them to. Thanks for the yoga link. I put a tv in my “home gym”(built since I can’t go to my real one)and needed a site for yoga teaching.

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