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Sam is a local legend (but not really)

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Strava just emailed me to tell me that I’m the new Local Legend in town!
“You just claimed the title of Local Legend on Fry Rd Northbound.

Ironically it was right after they emailed me to say “Dethroned!” and that someone had stolen my QOM.

Local Legend is a new Strava term. QOM is about speed. Local Legend is about persistence. You get awarded the title when you have the most tries on a given segment.

“The Local Legend (LCL) achievement is awarded to the athlete who completes a given segment the most over a rolling 90-day period regardless of pace or speed. 

“With racing cancelled this year, I’ve been enjoying Strava challenges, segment hunting and going for those QOMs. So, when Strava invited me to try and bag one of their all new Local Legend crowns it was game on!”

I’m the local legend on a stretch of road in Prince Edward County. Not exactly local. That’s a good reason to visit Sarah’s family farm a lot this summer and autumn.

One thought on “Sam is a local legend (but not really)

  1. “…quite worrying as it could highlight places where a a solo female rider regularly rides. Granted, you could go and find this out anyway, but her feeling was this made it easier, and that made her feel vulnerable…”

    ^ A reader left the above comment on my page about Local Legends. Quite concerning. It never even crossed my mind that it could make women cyclists feel that way, but I thought you may find the viewpoint interesting and have a more qualified opinion on the subject!

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