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Bettina goes on maternity leave

My maternity leave from work officially begins on Monday, so it’s only fitting that I also start maternity leave from the blog now. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve started to understand why mat leave is a thing, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have a fairly generous policy at work: things do get exhausting as you grow bigger, especially now that it’s also hot. I also find it harder to focus, and pregnancy forgetfulness is definitely real for me.

Taking a break now feels right. I’m not due for another few weeks, but I’m going to start focussing on getting everything ready for our new arrival.

I won’t return to work until February next year, but I hope to be back to blogging earlier than that! I’ll definitely keep you posted on how things go once I can go back to exercising after the birth.

Thanks for reading along, and “see” you soon!

9 thoughts on “Bettina goes on maternity leave

    1. Thank you! We’re really excited too and at the same time can’t believe we’ll meet this new person in just a few weeks’ time. 🙂


  1. I somehow want to say “Bon Voyage” as you embark on this whole new journey. Sending wishes for a wonderful next few weeks and an easy labor!

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    1. Thank you! In a weird way, when I left my office today (I’ll be offsite tomorrow and Friday), it did feel like going on a holiday.

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  2. Enjoy.
    If you are in Canada take the benefits over 12 months, even if you decide to take 18. Best to get the money up front!
    Rest and relax.


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