All the kinds of Sam’s sporting loves

Catherine’s post about past sporting loves–To all the sports I’ve loved before— got me thinking about the ones I’ve left behind, the sports that just didn’t work out, the new ones in my life, and sports possibilities in my future.

First, there are the sporting loves that got away. Why they’d get away? Younger me wasn’t athletic and it was only later that I came to love rough and tumble physical activity, team sports, and risky, speedy sports. My big regrets? Downhill skiing, mountain biking, rugby, roller derby. See If I were 20 years younger!

Second, there’s the category of things I loved but I can’t do any longer because of my knee. I’ve said goodbye and moved on. It’s not you, it’s me. That’s a long list which started with soccer (as it often does with knee injuries). You can run, said the knee doctor, but how much do you love soccer? Then goodbye running. Goodbye CrossFit. Goodbye Aikido. I miss them all and it’s still a sad thing in my life.

Waving a sad goodbye….

Third, there are things that just didn’t work out for various other complicated reasons. That includes cyclocross: I liked riding the cx bike but never did race. The season is pretty short and I discovered that as long as the roads are clear I’d rather be riding my road bike. And rowing: I loved rowing but you need to be able to commit to a team training schedule and my work is too demanding for that. And swimming: It’s an ongoing struggle!

It’s not you. It’s me.

Fourth, there are some new sports loves in my life: dinghy racing, Zwifting.

A monkey and a baby sailing a dinghy. Black and white animated photo.

Fifth, there are future things. Why future? Well, hiking but it depends on knee surgery and recovery. There’s also golf, which I didn’t hate. And I do plan a return to rowing in retirement. I’ve always wanted to try curling. Any other sports and physical activities you’d add to my future list?

Hiking over green rocky hills.

Sixth, there are my regular standbys, my rock solid life long loves: Weights, bikes, yoga!

An animated graphic of a woman in a blue striped unitard lifting a weight with one arm

How about you? What are you sports loves? What are the ones you left behind? What’s in your future?