Two Pride things to do from wherever you are this week

Many many moons ago, I ran in the very first Pride and Remembrance run, back when Pride was shifting away from the Parade into a weekend long event. It actually turned out to be my fastest 5K ever (I came in 4th, thanks to mis-timing my energy and being passed by two people in the last 400 m). (And because of when it was, I probably ended up staying up until 4 am that night — ah, youth).

It’s a venerable institution now — Kathleen Wynne ran it when she was premier — but this year, the official event has been canceled because of the pandemic. But Frontrunners, a long-time queer running group, has issued a challenge to raise money for Supporting Our Youth in a virtual version of the event.

Here is the facebook link:

Here is the link to donate to Soy:

IG and FB tags are both @frontrunnerstoronto

I am going to do it next Saturday. I can assure you that I will not be matching my best time, nor will I be wearing the fairy costume that won me best outfit one year — but I’ll be out there. Join me?

And when you’re done running, do a virtual drop by of my the installation my friends Ray and Stewart are making in their backyard, also free:

Find more details here at this Eventbrite link.

What are you going to do for Pride?

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