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Riding lots in May, venturing outside in June. Wish me luck!

You can see from the pictures above–screenshots of my various bike tracking devices–that I’ve been riding lots indoors. If you’re a Strava person, you can follow me here. I’m on Zwift here.

Samantha Brennan (TFC)

In May I wrote about my decision to keep riding inside. See Why Sam is still riding inside even though the sun is shining. But in June I’m venturing outside!

Sarah and I are riding the the Ride for Heart, 75 km. It was supposed to be 75 km with a thousand or so other riders and runners on closed downtown Toronto streets including the Don Valley Parkway. Instead, we’ll be riding here in Guelph and taking photos and posting them to Twitter and Instagram, #rideforheart. I suppose the upside is that it was supposed to be at 7 am. Instead, we’ll likely leave at at a leisurely 10 or so.

I’ve been thinking lots about how to do it safely. Here’s a guide to re-opening bike rides with some tips. We’ll bring our own stuff–food, drink, and things to fix flats. We won’t be reckless speed demons. I’m saving that for Zwift! We have someone at home to call for a ride in case something worse than a flat befalls our bikes. Hi Mom! I’m bring a mask in case something unexpected happens. All of that said, I’m still a bit anxious about it. I have re-entry nerves, I guess.

So far I’ve raised $399 and I’m aiming to raise $1000. You can sponsor me here.

I’m hoping I still feel like this when I ride off on my bike on Sunday. Wish me luck!

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