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Towards a new “routine”?

I don’t know about you, but two months into lockdown I feel like I’m starting to settle into the “new normal”. Getting up in the morning and “going to work” across the hallway doesn’t seem outlandishly strange anymore. People at my workplace are settling into automatically logging their intermittent visits to the office on our online building log without me chasing them, which pleases me no end (I’m responsible for coordinating our Corona measures at work). Even as we ease lockdown measures where I live, at least partially remote work will stay with us for another while, so it’s just as well.

Bettina’s current universe: a red yoga mat and her home office workstation

I’ve also started noticing a few things that are missing and rather than it feeling too much, I’m doing something about it. (I realise that I’m incredibly privileged to be in that headspace right now.) One of these things is a way to work out my arm muscles. In the before time – which to me right now means both before Corona and before pregnancy – I bouldered (stopped first because pregnant) and swam (stopped later because Corona) regularly. Now that I’m not doing either of those things, my poor arms are definitely noticing the lack of a challenge. That’s why I’ve started doing a bit of arms exercise with dumbbells almost daily. It’s not much, just some sets of biceps curls and some shoulder and triceps exercises, but it’s something. I won’t lie, I don’t enjoy it. I find it a bit boring. But I keep telling myself that I’ll have to carry a baby around soon and I’m reliably informed they are heavy, so I’d better prepare!

Last week, I’ve also started doing prenatal yoga every morning, except on the days I have my online Iyenga yoga class. This is more enjoyable than the dumbbells! I like getting into the movements as my body wakes up, and it’s very peaceful and quiet around me. I’m still trying to understand why it’s taken me this long to get into that routine, and my conclusion is it’s a mix of things both pandemic and pregnancy-related that has messed up my day-to-day.

Let’s see how long it lasts. The one thing both the Corona crisis and pregnancy have in common is that they evolve daily. Soon I’ll be too big to cycle, at some point I’ll have to stop running. But for now, I’m pleased I’ve found a groove.

How about you? Have you found a way of settling into things?

4 thoughts on “Towards a new “routine”?

  1. I dont think I’ve settled yet but I can say I’m much better. But reading yours was really surprising because I didnt think it was possible. But now I feel like I can too, pretty soon!❤❤ Thanks!

    1. So glad to hear you’re doing better, and I hope you find your groove soon. I suppose it’s a fragile state too – here I am hoping my new “zen” will last, but that might change any day…

  2. I am finally settling it too.
    The first week felt so weird. Temporary and scary. This was followed by a massive flood here in Fort McMurray, and a boil water advisory that will continue for months.

    As I settled into bottled water, I realized I need to make things a bit more useful. I set us my work out space and used it 3 mornings this week. I did 10 minutes of yin in my bedroom yoga sanctuary in the evenings.

    My work May stay from home indefinitely. I love it, and would choose that option if given the choice. As such, I am quickly shifting to a mindset that this is life now. September, with my kids in grades 10 and 12, will be interesting.

    Take care

    1. Oh wow, a flood on top of a pandemic? That sounds so stressful, and I’m glad to hear you’ve managed to establish a routine nevertheless! Stay safe and healthy and take care.

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