Matilda The Hun, Mountain Fiji, and how the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling showed me how big, bold and badass I could be.

Hi readers– here’s your blast from the (recent) past reading getaway, today courtesy of Natalie (Sat with Nat). She reflects on badass wrestling women of the 80s, the new(ish) Netflix show GLOW, and how we relate to women in sports (even the villains). If for no other reason, check out this post to see Natalie and her friend Shelly rocking early 90s dos!


There’s a Netflix series called “GLOW” inspired by the 1980s pro wrestling series of the same name.

When I was a kid in rural New Brunswick watching pro-wrestling was HUGE. It was such a big part of my exposure to professional sport that the very first time Sam asked me to write for this blog I wanted to write about it. But this is a feminist blog and pro/wrestling then and now is full to the brim with racism and sexism. I was embarrassed by how something I loved so much now seemed crude, crass, and low class.

Pro-wrestling is nothing like Olympic style wrestling. It is all swagger and showmanship. It is character and plot arcs with a dash of athleticism.

My absolute favourite characters from G.L.O.W. were Matilda the Hun and Mountain Fiji. They were large and in charge. They were villains and gave absolutely no fucks. None…

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