Winter Camping with a Beast (Guest Post)

Here’s our newly regular afternoon reblog of happier/lighter/funner content for your reading respite. Today features Mallory, daughter of Sam (and Jeff!), on winter camping during spring break, with Cheddar the dog. Are any of you thinking about getting away from it all (ahh, what an idea!) in nature, with or without furry friends? Let us know.


by Mallory Brennan

A few weeks ago, during March Break, I went winter camping! It was a short 24-hour trip due to an extremely busy life and getting our house ready to sell.

It was me, my younger brother, and our dog Cheddar. It was Cheddar’s first time camping and he was the best-behaved camping beast you could expect! We were the only people I saw in tents, everyone else was in a yurt or a trailer. When we first arrived we set up our tent and put Cheddar on a long leash to explore our campsite. We put a tarp on the ground for him to lay down on during the afternoon (he slept in the tent with us at night).

Then we went hiking. It’s always interesting to see what the parks look like in winter- frozen ponds and lakes, snow, ski tracks.

After hiking, we had a…

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