Resisting diet intimidation one cupcake at a time (reblog)

It’s that time of year and we’re looking at some of our past posts on January diet frenzies. In this post Martha reminds us to just eat the damn cupcake (if you want a cupcake).


by Martha Muzychka


It started as a trickle before Christmas, but the January avalanche of weight loss-focused articles, memes, cartoons, blog posts, twitter comments, Instagram shots and more is now in full throttle.

There are diets, cleanses, and a multitude of physical and dietary challenges on the go. You can make detox smoothies, clean eating wraps, and decadent treats of food-processed dates, bananas, and cooked grains. Or you can go dry and forgo all alcohol, take the eight week sugar detox and lose all forms of sugar including fruits, condiments, sodas, and drink, or eschew all manner of carbs and starches.

As I grew up Catholic, I’m familiar with periods of abstinence, none of course more known than the Lenten Fast. Shrove Tuesday’s pancakes were the excuse to use up all dairy, egg and butter available as the next 40 days you did without until Easter’s arrival. However, the food…

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