Quick follow up about Sam’s indoor cycling instructor test: WHY?

I announced on the blog and on Facebook that I passed my cycling instructor written exam. There are no comments on the blog or on our Facebook page asking WHY but there are in my inbox.

Friends ask, aren’t you busy enough? Why teach indoor cycling (aka “spin”)? It’s not like you need a side hustle. Also, ask my serious cycling friends, don’t you hate spin? I see you out there in Zwift. You’re riding your real bike on a trainer with internet connectivity and a power meter. And that’s true. I love Zwift and sprinting. I have my eyes on Zwift racing even. With the world as my oyster it’s easier to find women my age racing bikes.

But still I want to teach indoor cycling. And I really like it. I take classes pretty regularly even though I also ride my real bike in the virtual worlds provided by Zwift.

Here’s my “why” story.

First, it’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. It was actually a thing I’d planned to do during the fittest by fifty challenge but life got in the way. I feel like it’s time.

Second, it feels like a natural transition, moving to the front of the room. I’ve participated in lots of different styles of indoor cycling classes and I have opinions. I’m excited about leading and about teaching.

Third, I often lament the lack of diversity in fitness instructors. So many conventionally attractive, thin people in their early twenties. Nothing wrong with that but I think I have something different to offer. Would I teach LGBTQ community fitness classes? Plus sized fitness classes? Sure. But I’m also happy to put myself out there in the mainstream fitness context too.

Fourth, back when the blog started I used to run in addition to riding my bike. With my knee in the state it’s in, even walking is a challenge. I’m relying more on cycling for fitness and in the winter that means some pretty regular time riding inside.

Fifth, I’ve had a change in fitness community from London to Guelph. I hope taking on ‘learning to teach” will connect me a bit to the fitness world here.

Sixth, I think teaching indoor cycling will see me well into my sixties and beyond. I feel like I have lots of experience and a good attitude. I have fun riding inside and want to share my joy in movement with others.

I’ll let you all know how it goes!

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