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Zwift victory and feeling like myself again

I’m finally feeling a bit better on my bike. I had a fun fast evening on Zwift recently after a run of nights of slower, sluggish riding. Yes, I was battling a cold. But still. I’m okay just riding slowly and not caring in the real world but in the virtual world it’s all numbers, ratings, and ranking all the time. I should just turn on an easy workout rather than group riding in the virtual world when I’m sick and struggling. Next time I think I’ll put on some music and spin without data.

Anyway, I’m back and I’m happy to feel more like myself again on the bike. I’ve survived November. Yay!

Sarah and I have joined the ZSUN team on Zwift. That’s the jersey I’m wearing on Zwift these days except in the brief moments of glory when I’m wearing the green sprint leader’s jersey above.

The first time I got the sprint Jersey I was actually 3rd but when #1 and #2 exited the virtual world, I got the sprinter’s jersey. But the second time through that sprint section victory was mine.

I know this is boasting but it’s November. It’s okay to boast. I was 1st of the 55 women on that sprint section, 14th out of 556 people, men and women. (That gives you a pretty good idea of gender ratios in Zwift.) I also like to see my improvement. My win was 18 seconds and a bit but you can see that some of my previous efforts were over 20 seconds. Yay! I’m back.

I haven’t done a full on Zwift road race yet but I hope to give it a try before the season is out.

3 thoughts on “Zwift victory and feeling like myself again

  1. HI Sam, just wanted to let you know I am reading your book and loving it – will take with me on my 50th birthday vacation starting tomorrow! I learned about it and your blog when you joined ZSUN (and I clicked on your name on Facebook), and the timing was perfect.

    JOIN A RACE! It is so motivating and fun! I love Zwift – everyone is so fun and supportive in the women’s rides. Also because I can wear underwear under my chamois and no one in my basement judges me for doing so (hey, maybe I am not supposed to, but I really hate doing laundry and I have more underwear than bike shorts).

    Many of your comments in the book re: fear of sports due to fear of judgmental people really resonated with me. I am fit, athletic, strong, and have been all my life – I have never been “overweight” – yet I still worry about this (years as an equestrian – possibly the most judgy of all activities surely did not help). I had a blog once upon a time that covered a wide range of subjects, but of course, my most popular post of course dealt with exactly this issue as well.

    Ok I am off to celebrate 50 with your book in hand…see you in Watopia!

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