Enjoy the festivities, eat the food #tbt

As the holiday season gets underway, we’re sharing some of our past posts on the topic of festive food and fear of fat. As Tracy says in this post, just relax and enjoy the food.


Vegan sticky toffee pudding. From

Holiday food anxiety is a thing. I’ve already started hearing about it from friends and co-workers. It usually starts around Halloween, when people are “worried” over eating their leftover candies from having over-purchased for the trick or treaters, or sneaking chocolate bars from their kids’ stashes while the kids are at school. But it intensifies through late November and early December, when we attend parties and social events and also contend with the leftovers thereof, which people like to bring to work.

I know food anxiety, having experienced my share of it in the past. But since my almost 30 year project of intuitive eating (see my post about finally becoming an intuitive eater), I no longer feel stress over holiday eating. One thing that has alleviated that for me is that I no longer treat it as an “indulgence.” Indulgences, guilty pleasures…

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