Our new look! A blog image makeover

There have been big blog changes around here and we’d love your help. As you, our regular readers, know, Tracy has left the blog. We’ve gone from being a two person team, to being a team with guests, to being a team with guests and other blog regulars, to being a full-on team thing. Here’s our new schedule. And if you, a blog reader, ever want to write a guest post, drop me a line.

Where’s the “help” come in? Well, we’re updating our visual image. It used to be we were represented on social media with a series of photos of Tracy and me but that no longer fits who we are. I’ve been playing with images and adding the FIT IS A FEMINIST ISSUE text but I’d like some more variety.

Do you play a competitive sport, such as hockey or soccer? Rowing? Got a photo? Send it our way. How about roller derby? Power lifting? Golf? Skipping? Whatever gives you joy in movement and has a photo you’re happy to have associated with the blog, send it my way. My email address is the guest post link above. Better yet, send a bio along, tell us how long you’ve been reading and following and we’ll include that too. We used to have a “reader spotlight” feature and it would be nice to revive that.

2 thoughts on “Our new look! A blog image makeover

  1. Stumbling on your blog today – I see Tracy is leaving. Change is growth – try to remember that as you move through this – for Tracy and for those staying.

    What a cool blog – Looking forward to reading and following.


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