Big blog changes: We need a new image and we’d love your help

The big news around here is that Tracy has left the blog. You can see our new schedule here. It’s a work in progress and things are always changing. That’s life.

But we do need to change the way the blog is visually represented. On Facebook and Twitter and Instagram the blog is represented by photos of Tracy and me, and by banner images of our book. I’m okay leaving the book promotion there for now (the blog team can talk about what might replace that eventually) but the little headshot that goes with every FB, Instagram, and Twitter post needs to change.

But into what?

A group shot? We’re now an 11 person team and live across North America and Europe, so that won’t work. Someone suggested a collage of headshots but not all of us want our faces on social media. I’ve been thinking about feminist fitness symbols, like a women’s symbol flexing or lifting weights, but I’m not a person who has that skill set. it’s also challenging because we all do different sports and physical activities. Some of us lift heavy things, some of us ride bikes, some of us swim. But there might be some symbolic representation of the idea of feminist fitness.

What do you think?

Do you have suggestions? Send them our way! You can comment here, of course, but if it’a fully formed visual representation of the blog email me,

And if yours is the one we choose, I’ll also mail you a copy of our book in thanks.

Photo by Ruth of Ruthless Images.
It’s a photo of Tracy and me outside an industrial warehouse space. I’m wearing a FEMINIST tank and she’s wearing a blue tank with a Nike Swoosh. We’re both wearing sunglasses. Oh and I’m leaning on my bike.

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