Martha’s post and Sam’s autumn plans

Martha posted this week about the challenge of keeping fitness a priority when winter hiberation calls. I share her pain and her worry. It’s too dark to bike after work already and too cold to ride before. There’s only so much indoor exercise a person can take. I wrote a short comment on her post and then realized I had more to say.

This is halfway between a long comment and its own blog post. LOL.

Like Martha, come fall I need some motivation. The 219 in 2019 group has been good for that. I blew by the 219 goal at the end of September and now I’m at workout number 227. There are 83 days left in the year. If I hold to my commitment to workout 300 times in 2019 that’s working out all but 10 days for the rest of the year. Can I do it?

November is my worst fitness month but not this year, I guess. What’s my plan?

I do a TRX class at the university one day a week. I do a spin class once a week. Personal training with weights once a week. I bike commute most days and when knee is feeling okay, I take walks. (On my way of counting my short bike commute plus a walk counts as one workout.) Come October 23rd I plan to return to indoor riding on Zwift at the Bike Shed. I’ve got a 7 pm date to drop off my bike and get riding.

For now I’d like to get a few more outdoor rides in on the weekend, head to my discount gym with my son some evenings, and find a good at home thing I can do when all else fails. Yoga? Planks? Something!

What’s your fall plan fellow fit feminists?

Overhead view of autumn colours. Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

One thought on “Martha’s post and Sam’s autumn plans

  1. Staying active gets harder for me in the fall and winter too, with November being a tough month overall (cold, dark, depressing). Last year I did swimming lessons in the fall and belly dance lessons in the new year. Swimming was ok, belly dance was awesome and I’ve kept at it. This fall I’m doing tennis lessons and bellydance, and will keep running outside as long as I can. Lots of walking too, as I can do that in almost any weather. I get inspired and motivated by the 219 in 2019 group and by the folks in this space!

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