How you find us, by search terms

Since the early days of the blog I’ve been amused by the search terms that have led people to the blog. See my post on naked feminist trampolining. Thanks to Google we get a report of what words people put into the search box that result in them clicking on a link to us.

Often they’re awful . See from the last 7 days: secret crouch pics, candid teen panty , hairy up skirt pictures, and so on.

Often they’re sad. See from the last 7 days: i hate my old menopausal body, calories burned goodlife newbody, will i ever get my pre baby body back.

But these days, more and more, our people are finding us!

Three of you found us by searching ” fit feminist fifty.” Yay! Welcome!

One of you found us searching, ” women aikido sexism.”

A bunch of you are still menstruating in your 50s and found us by searching those years and terms.

Two of you wanted to know if “christy brinkley has osteoporosis.”

I like also finding ” accepting mid 60’s body changes ” in the search terms. Hello!

Anyway, so nice that you’re all finding the blog. Welcome to everyone! Including the person who found us while searching for ” oppression vs privilege.” That’s a bit broad for us but I am sure we have things to say.

The Library of Congress
Disco star ride, Seaside Heights, New Jersey (LOC)

Margolies, John,, photographer.
Disco star ride, Seaside Heights, New Jersey