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Topless trampolining?

When not one or two but six different people found our blog over the weekend searching for “naked feminist trampolining” you know I had to go look too.

What’s out there? What are they trying to find? Not us! We have some nudity here on this blog–it goes along with our emphasis on body positivity and loving the body you’ve got–but we have zero posts with trampolines. A possible topic for a guest post? If you trampoline for fitness and want to write about it, let me know. Apparently, there’s an audience.

The only site that kept popping up in the search results was this one, The Topless Female Trampolining Championships. Female, not feminist, and topless, not naked. Otherwise, close.

A joke, of course. It’s about the man who has the “best job in the world.” He’s the health and safety inspector for the practice facility. But really, it’s an ad to raise awareness of breast cancer in men.

Here’s some commentary about the campaign, Topless Female Trampolining World Championships: Putting the sexy in men’s breast cancer?

The campaign is a collaboration between Britain’s CoppaFeel! and Male Cancer Awareness Campaign (MCAC) to borrow the interest of women’s breasts to raise awareness of men’s breast cancers. On the campaign site, visitors can learn facts about male breast cancer prevention and look at high-resolution pictures of bare-breasted, beautiful young women. It’s like a lad mag with a purpose. (Although, to give them credit, the photos show no evidence of retouching.)

This is one of those cause marketing situations where the intention is quite plain: use whatever means necessary to raise awareness, even if it means adding to the hypersexualization of young women and their treatment as an erotic commodity for the male gaze. (Whoa… I almost thought I was writing for Sociological Images there for a moment.) That is a deal that the women of CoppaFeel! were willing to make to fight cancer. But I’m not sure it was the right one to make.

There’s also a comic about naked feminist trampoline poetry slams.

I still have no idea what prompted people to search for it now, two years later, or what post in particular, it led them to on our blog. But it’s a rainy morning here. I’m not riding my bike. I’m supposed to be writing a book review but I’m procrastinating/web browsing instead.

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