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Bike Rally, Year 6 for Sam

This year, 2019, is the 6th year of the bike rally for me. The Friends for Life Bike Rally is an annual fundraising ride from Toronto to Montreal to raise money for the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation.

Sarah and I (and David too) are doing the 1 day ride, the first day of the rally. You can sponsor me here. Please sponsor Sarah here.

What’s the 1 day ride like? “This amazing 1-day experience will give you a taste of what the Bike Rally is all about. You will be fully supported with crew cheering you on, keeping you fueled, and making sure you arrive in Port Hope to celebrate an incredible day.

Departing from the heart of Downtown Toronto, your journey will take you out of the urban sprawl and into the beautiful countryside. You will arrive in Port Hope at the beautiful Haskill cliff-top property overlooking Lake Ontario. Following a celebration and dinner, we bring you and your bike back to Toronto with plenty of time to rest for the week ahead.” You can register here.

I wanted to do the full, 6 day thing, but this is the last year of the Triadventure and they overlap so I can’t do both.

(In 2019 I’m doing the full thing, knee surgery permitting. I miss it! I love the ride, yes. But it’s the community I really miss.)

In 2018, year 5, it was my first summer as Dean and I was nervous about my new big job. I didn’t get that much riding in in 2018 but we made it. See Sam and Sarah’s first metric century of the summer on the 1 day version of the Friends for Life Bike Rally: We made it to Port Hope!

In 2017, Year 4, it was David and me, back to the original crew, see Thoughts on the bike rally year 4: This is a thing my body and heart can do, #f4lbr

We were joined by Sarah, Joh, Judy, and Catherine who did the one day version of the ride.

2016 was Year 3, my biggest bike rally year Susan and I were team leads! Our team was called Switching Gears and included many of the bloggers, and David and Sarah, and some other lovely people.

2015 was Year 2, me and Susan, see our posts Riding the Friends for Life Bike Rally at a friendly pace and Of Course You Can. . .PWA Friends for Life Bike Rally and Expanding Community.

2014 was Year 1. It all began with David and me. See How was it? Could I do it? Reflections on the bike rally.