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The Sports Bra Dilemma #tbt

Five years ago, I wrote this post about sports bras and how active women struggle to find the right one for them. At the time, lots of people shared their stories of “success” on the sports bra front. I figure it’s time for an update, since maybe there is some new product out there. I also just realized that I haven’t replaced mine in FIVE YEARS, so it’s not just the post that needs updating. It’s also my sports bra collection (still Under Armor and Champion). Read on, and please let us know what your best gear in the sports bra department is!

One thought on “The Sports Bra Dilemma #tbt

  1. Support is easy for me – I am a smallish person with a smallish and not-very-sensitive chest, so most sports bras work as long as they are appropriately sized and rated for my desired activity level. And I’ve never had problems with chafing (knock on wood).

    Your original post is making me realize that none of my bras dry quickly, though! I wonder if that’s an impossibility for me in the current weather (all of my clothes were damp last night when I took them off after a particularly long and hot frisbee game) or if I should be looking around for something better.

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