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Sam is checking in for February, #monthlycheckin, cw: mention of weight loss

Good news!

My knee survived a week in Europe with many days of mega steps. I paid a lot of attention to how it felt, wore the knee brace sometimes but not at others, took anti inflammatory medication regularly, and stretched lots. Sarah helped lots too.

Now that I’m back home physiotherapy continues, massage therapy continues, personal training continues, and I’m back to my bike on the trainer, bike commutes, and dog walks. All of that counts, except the massages, on my quest to workout 219 times in 2019.

I’m so happy to see all the hard work paying off.

Next up: NYC 5 Boro Bike Tour in May.

After that, lots and lots of training before our 10 day bike tour of Newfoundland in June.

Bad news!

Weight loss is hard. (We all know this.) You might think that if you had a serious medical reason to lose weight, then you’d do it. But your body doesn’t know your motives. It doesn’t care what your intentions are. It’s super hard.

Wish me luck.

4 thoughts on “Sam is checking in for February, #monthlycheckin, cw: mention of weight loss

  1. Suddenly I am intensely interested in other people’s knee stories. You guessed: I tore my meniscus on Christmas Eve. (Doing nicely so far but can I dance on 10 March? We shall see.)

  2. Hang in there, Sam! Fat loss IS possible. I could give you a book’s-worth of unsolicited advice, but I won’t. 😉 Although my size still varies some, over the last decade or so, I’ve gone from a size 18-20 down to a 6-8, without doing anything anyone would call a diet. It wasn’t *easy*, but it isn’t hard in the way most people think it is. I still eat dessert most days, I couldn’t care less about carbs, and I’ve never cleansed or detoxed anything. I’m also not going hungry and suffering to maintain. The challenge, like so many things, is defining the barrier(s) correctly so you can find the right solutions (for you). I hope you have good allies to help you in this journey! It is SOOoooo personal and the solutions must be thus personal, too.

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