Tracy: back on track with running just in time for Christmas

It’s Christmas Day and I’m in Haliburton, Ontario this year. Though it started off very cold (about -15 C), it warmed up to -3 C a couple of days ago and that temperature held steady, with a little bit of light and beautiful snow, yesterday.

That meant good conditions, temperature-wise anyway, for running. I’ve been sort of off track with it, just dabbling since the half marathon in October. And then with China at the beginning of December and re-entry into the Easter Time zone after that, coupled with a huge end-of-term scramble, my running just didn’t come together.

Until last weekend when I went out with the Running Room Around the Bay training group for their Sunday long run. Anita and I have committed to do Around the Bay 30K on March 31st, and though it seemed really far in the future when we signed up, it’s a mere three months and a week away now. And 30K is a long way. So it’s imperative that I adopt a consistent training plan about now and stick with it.

It amazes me always how quickly I can go from “oh wow, I’m off track completely!” to “hey, back on track and feeling good.” This time the transformation took exactly three outings. There was the Sunday with the RR, then a couple of days ago, another Sunday run up here on my favourite cottage road in the world (shortened from 10K to 9K because of icy uneven ground–the Yak Trax took care of the slipperiness but not the unevenness), and then, because the weather was so perfect on Christmas Eve, another 5K yesterday.

Here I am on my Sunday run a couple of days ago:

And lo and behold — I feel back on track. I’ve been communicating with my coach, Linda. I took a breather from her training plans for a couple of months, but we’re working together again and she sent me a new plan on the weekend and it kicks me into gear in a couple of days.

I realize that winter running can range from amazing , when it’s crisp and clear and not too cold and the pavement is not treacherous, to freezing and icy and windy and unpleasant. But right now, with the conditions we’ve had in recent days, it’s feeling do-able.

The prospect of Around the Bay should keep me on task. And working with Linda, combined with the camaraderie of Anita and the RR Sunday run club group that’s training for the race, will be fun and motivating.

One of my favourite things about winter running is the post-run bath. Up here in Haliburton it’s even better because of the clawfoot tub.

All the best for a great Christmas today if you’re celebrating Christmas, and just generally for an awesome day regardless!