Food rudeness during the holidays

By MarthaFitAt55

I came across a hashtag on Instagram while seeking holiday baking inspiration. It annoyed me no end, and it also made me sad. Titled #MakeEveryoneElseFat, the photos feature treats of various kinds.

I don’t understand the hashtag. I don’t make treats to undermine anyone’s diet. I bake treats at Christmas because I enjoy it and I want people to enjoy a simple pleasure during the holidays.

This year I want to say to people I am not the food police. Eat or don’t eat. I do not need to know why you don’t want to partake in dessert or any other food for that matter, unless you are at risk of an unpleasant, life threatening allergic response.

I’m sure people feel they are being polite when they want to explain it’s not you, it’s them. But as I taught my child, just say “thank you, I’m full,” or “I’ve had plenty, thanks” or “I don’t really care for X but I will try Y.”

No one will give you a medal if you resist the call of the cookie, and no one will judge you if you don’t. At least not in my house. All I want is for you to have a good time, to chill, and not feel any guilt about anything.


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