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Uh oh, Sam is bike browsing

My most recent round of bike shopping is related to my knee issues. I can’t walk to work. I have to bike. And it’s best even on campus if I bike between meetings.  But there are issues of clothing and issues about bringing my big bike into meetings. Also, because I need a bike to get around I also want to take it places when I travel. So, once again, I’m looking at Bromptons and other foldable bikes. 

Here’s me on one at CSWIP a few years ago. Thanks Alexis!

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But there are decisions. Do I want a proper Brompton? They’re pricey. There are also some Canadian brands that are cheaper.

Here’s the one I like the best of the Canadian bikes:

Might take a trip into Toronto and do some test riding. If you’re a folding bike fan, happy to hear your thoughts.